USA- 5,000


This is our mid-level guaranteed advertising promotion that will suit people wanting to lift the reach of their page to the US market. You will receive a guaranteed minimum of 5,000 followers from across the USA. This package is a great value for you to give your page exposure and lift your credibility to connect with your market.

Follower Breakdown:
Majority United States
The rest are scattered around the world

If you are looking for a customized monthly growth package, please contact us.



Basic Terms & Conditions:
Once the giveaway ends or the target amount is reached, the drop-off is expected and is inevitable. It is safe to assume an average 10-20% drop-off. Based on your Instagram page, content, niche etc some accounts can experience up to 40% with our giveaway services. Drop-off will NOT be re-fulfilled as this is out of our control. No agency or individual can make 100% of all followers gained remain following as this is the sole choice of the actual follower

Please ensure your account is set to public. Private accounts do not work for giveaway loops. All payments are non-refundable.

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