Growth & Engagement

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These campaigns are run through major influencer networks of US or South American-based influencers as well as mega meme pages. These campaigns are great to boost your specific demographics and deliver you consistent audience growth each month.

Typical Follower Demographics
  • USA Gender
    Male – 80%
    Female – 20%
  • USA Age Group
    13-18 – 25%
    18-34 – 65%
    34-65 – 10%
  • USA Follower Location
    USA – 50%
    CAD/UK/AUST – 40%
    OTHER – 10%



  • South America Gender
    Male – 30%
    Female – 70%
  • South America Age Group
    13-18 – 20%
    18-34 – 70%
    34-65 – 10%
  • South America Follower Location
    South America – 100%
What You Can Expect
  • Growth will be completed within 30 days from checking out.
  • Once your campaign starts the audience acquisition is typically 200-1,000 per day.
  • The retention of these campaigns is normally 70%-90%.
  • Drop-off is not part of our guarantee as we can not force anyone to stay following your page.
  • Some accounts might have no profile picture, bio, or minimal posts, this does not mean they are fake. The majority of accounts on Instagram have little content as most profiles are used to view others’ content.
  • Due to the fact, anyone can enter the campaign we can only estimate based on historical campaigns what type of followers you are likely to receive (including age, location, and gender).
  • Engagement will commence within 2 business days of purchase and continue for 30 days.
  • Once you post it can take up to 3 business days per post to achieve the total engagement.
  • Engagement comes from real accounts.
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You are not alone!

We know it is not fair these days. If you are working hard to grow your online presence let us give you the boost required to get you the traction you need.

In the wild world of Instagram getting seen and heard is only getting harder, let alone trying to grow your page.

With Social Clout Club we will drive traffic to your page resulting in not only your followers growing but getting the recognition and credibility you deserve.


We will take the time to get to know your brand and goals and help form a strategy to get you the online presence required to skyrocket your brand.

Our mission is to help as many clients as we can to take their Instagram page to the next level. We have found a simplest way to do that for brands, businesses and personal accounts on Instagram.

Are sick of working alone? Then join the thousands of happy brands we have already worked with.


Our advertising campaigns are the most effective way to drive growth on Instagram. Influencers run campaigns and offer participants a chance to win prizes in exchange for following certain accounts (such as your own). We offer placements in real influencer campaigns, resulting in growth of 850 – 10,000+ real followers!

Note: Not ideal for direct sales or targeted audience.*

Influencers or celebrities will host a campaign on their Instagram page.

The host will incentivize users with massive prizes to follow a list of profiles.

Your account will be added to the list of profiles that users must follow in order to win.

You reap the rewards by having thousands of new accounts being drawn to your profile.

Your account is safe - we never ask

Our services are 100% compliant with Instagram. 

Unlike other services, we do not require you to connect your account to our service or ask for a password, all we need is your username. In other words – you can rest easy knowing that your account is completely safe with us.

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Boost your BRAND reputation

Overnight get the recognition and exposure that you deserve.

Real engaged audience

All real traffic driven to your page resulting in real followers.

Dedicated Account Manager

Expert support & service so you can grow with confidence & ease.





Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 60+ reviews on


We don’t just grow your page, we go above and beyond for our clients serving as your account manager.  We take the time to understand your page, niche and goals to find the best campaigns suited for your brand.

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Frequently asked questions?

You will not receive bot or inactive followers. We believe in Instagram organic growth, and that is what we will deliver. Not only will the followers be real and active, but they will also be targeted based on the demographic you’re looking to reach.

Impossible. This is the #1 Instagram compliant growth service, given that login credentials are not required for this services. Additionally we redirect followers organically from a celebrity that suits your account best!
The celebrity or viral influencer you choose will post a shoutout on their Instagram feed & stories – in order for their followers to win the specified prize, they must follow the sponsor (you) who is on the follow list. This immediately brings thousands of organic traffic sources to your page/brand/business. Unlike traditional single shoutout advertisement, with our method you are able to retarget your thousands of new views.

Growth Campaigns (USA & South American):
From the date of purchase, the services will be completed within 30 days.

Celebrity Campaign:

If the Client is not entered into the giveaway or the giveaway does not happen within the specified timeframe of this agreement, the Company will have 21 days to enter the Client into another growth campaign or will give a full refund to the Client.

No! Not only is this extremely unsafe it’s also highly frowned upon by Instagram. Our services are built around authentic engagement and growth and we will never ask for your password.
YES. We are proud to say that we’ve never had a client lose their account. We pride ourselves on our innovative techniques and industry-leading service quality. Through our mission to provide unparalleled organic growth, we also are proud to say that our service is compliant with the Terms and Conditions set forth by Instagram.

We do not offer refunds for Social Clout Club. This is not some plug-and-play Instagram growth bot and this is not an automated system. We have a team of professionals and influencers who will be working on your account on a daily basis and in turn they must be compensated. This is a non-negotiable and non-refundable hard cost. It is up to you, the consumer, to decide if Instagram loop giveaways are for your account or not. Please review our Refund Policy attached in the footer of this page prior to signing up.

Our growth packages are billed month to month and you may cancel or pause them at any time throughout your membership. You will have access to a dashboard that will allow you to upgrade, downgrade and cancel your services at your convenience.

Yes, but only to some extent – This is not like running Instagram ads. We will not be able to dial things in to specific state, street, or district. This is because we do not control who follows the influencer you’re partnered with, nor who will follow you based on the giveaway you’re placed in. It’s also important to note that we only partner with influencers from English Speaking countries. So, the vast majority of growth you receive from our service will be from countries like: USA, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Etc… If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us via the blue chat button located on the bottom right of this page!

All our packages are applied to 30 posts per month.  This limit resets on your billing date each month. All packages include likes, post saves and video views & on our engagement plus plan it includes post reach.

For example, the starter package will deliver 250 likes, 15 comments and 100 post saves on each post throughout the month.

Please note that on the weekends or holidays the posts can sometimes take longer then 3 days.

Due to the organic nature of our service, the speed of delivery is constantly varied. Depending on how many people are online at any point will determine the speed at which you acquire the engagement. We normally see the engagement come in within 1 day but can sometimes take up to 3 days to be completed.

Social Clout Club clients rarely experience issues with their posts, when they occasionally do there are a few likely causes:

  • Make sure your Instagram account is set to Public
  • Your post has been restricted by Instagram. If your post has been restricted by Instagram due to content or region, our system will not be able to view and deliver to that particular post.
  • You have exceeded your limit for the number of posts you purchased for the month.
  • Instagram is currently down and experiencing problems.

The engagement will only be applied to new posts after you make a purchase with us, it will not deliver them to your previous posts. 

The Instagram users that will interact with your content are all real people.  These pages are not going to reply like your raving fans and if you want this to happen we suggest you take the time to go and engage and connect with everyone we send your way.

Again to make this work for you we suggest taking the time to connect with the audience we share with you.

Reach is your ability to connect with your audience, this includes your current followers and people interested in your content. Our ability to lift your reach will mean your post will be seen by more people giving you more opportunity to grow your brand and social proof.

This is a great opportunity to lift your engagement credibility, help grow your reach and push your content to the explore page.
The most important thing to do is to have niche-specific hashtags and geotags used on every post. This is how the algorithm will know whom to send you.

On top of this, we have found if you take the time to connect and interact with these pages you can create engagement that will continue beyond the initial interaction, plus create the opportunity to make raving fans and double your engagement.
We suggest connecting with our account managers and using this service for at least three months.

Some of our clients are looking for 60+ posts per month and massive engagement. If this is you please reach out and let us make you a custom package to suit your needs.

This service is great for clients that are producing great content and want to get instant credibility and the chance to hit the explore page. This service also helps clients that just want to look great but are not overly interested in anything more.

About Us

The Social Clout Club team are passionate Instagram and business experts based in Australia and the US. We exist to offer a transparent and professional alternative to what is currently offered in the market.

Our Guarantee

We are serious and committed to excellence. If you are unhappy we are here to make things right. If we can’t make you happy then we will give you a refund.


We pride ourselves on being open and available for our clients. With our team spread around the globe we cover off most time zones and will happily jump on a call to answer your questions and give advice on strategy.

Instagram Compliant

We want to offer our clients a reputable and reliable option to just running ads. Our focus is always on compliance and finding cutting edge solutions.


Are you ready to make your mark on social media? If you have any questions regarding our service please reach out to us and one of our dedicated sales reps will get back to you.

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