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This is our top-level guaranteed advertising promotion that will suit people wanting to make some serious moves to their follower count. You will receive a guaranteed minimum of 10,000 followers from within a global demographic. This package is a great value for you to give your page exposure and lift your credibility to connect with your market.

Follower Breakdown:
Majority Latin American
The rest are scattered around the world

If you are looking for a customized monthly growth package, please contact us.

$720.00 / month

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How Does A Celebrity Campaigns Work?

Step One, we only work with celebrities and influencers with 1m+ followers that will support your growth goals. We then execute our giveaway campaigns.

Step Two, the chosen celebrity or influencer will publish a post on their account announcing a giveaway with prizes such as Iphone, clothing, cars etc.

Step Three, In order for their followers to enter this giveaway, they will have to follow certain accounts. Your account will be on that list to follow.

Step Four, You’re all set! Sit back and watch your Instagram grow with active & targeted followers.

How To Retain Your New Followers

Getting the most out of our exclusive advertising campaign is super important for a lot of our clients. This short video will go over some tips and tricks about how to engage the new followers you will gain. Here are some strategies you can implement to increase your retention while you are gaining new followers.

  • Have an engaging profile picture
  • Try to post at least 1x a day
  • Post & repost at least 10 Instagram stories
  • Go on Instagram Live – do “behind the scenes”
  • Like and comment on followers that engage with you
  • Watch Instagram stories of your new followers
  • Consider offering a giveaway prize via a post

Frequently Asked Questions

A giveaway loop is an opportunity for people and brands to tap into a celebrity’s audience. Influencer marketing is predicted to be a $10 billion-dollar industry by the end of 2020, meaning brands understand the value in leveraging a celebrity’s audience. 

These campaigns are designed to drive 10x the results than a typical brand deal, for a fraction of the price. Social Clout Club acts as the network where celebrities are hired to host a campaign similar to how television networks host a television series. Commercial slots are sold during the airtime and those commercials are then priced out based on the number of average viewers/traffic there are during that period. 

Social Clout Club campaigns are priced similarly to this method but are based on the average followers/engagement of the campaign celebrity partner has, which will determine the traffic it will produce. This method has proven far more effective and affordable than the typical influencer marketing methods used today.

What’s a Loop?
A giveaway loop is where our top celebrities and influencers will be posting a giveaway on their page with a cash or item prize, to enter, participants must follow your page.

How It Works
Once you claim your spot, the celebrity or influencer (the giveaway host) will instruct their followers to follow your page.  The giveaway host runs a free competition where their followers must follow you to get a chance to win cash or prizes.  

Act Fast
To enter our giveaway you must claim a spot. We have limited spots every month, so we recommend you claim your spot now to avoid disappointment.

Global Vs USA followers
Depending on what type of page you have and the reason you want the growth will determine where you want your followers based out of.

Age & Gender
Male & Female
Majority 18-35

USA Follower Breakdown
A large percentage are from the countries biggest cities
The rest are scattered throughout the 50 states
**you will gain some followers outside the USA

Global Follower Breakdown
The majority are Latin American
A small percentage from China, India, Africa
The rest are scattered throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand

Guaranteed Results Vs Celebrity Giveaways

Guaranteed Growth
Guaranteed growth is for our clients that want everything clear and simple. If you purchase a guaranteed growth package for 10k followers, through our giveaway loop advertising we will deliver 10k organic real followers.

We have two different packages, Global or US-based followers. Once you purchase a package, you’ll be entered in the next available celebrity giveaway until your guaranteed growth is met, which can take up to 5 business days. Guaranteed growth is always available and we can also create custom packages based on your budget and goals.

Celebrity Giveaways
Celebrity growth is a little different, there are two main differences. The first one is, you will have the availability to select the giveaway you want to enter. Since you know who the host of the giveaway is, you’ll have a better idea of the demographic, niche and the type of followers you’ll receive. We also provide audience insights prior to claiming your spot to provide more in depth data about their demographics.

The second difference is celebrity giveaways are for explosive growth ranging from 10k-100k followers. With these giveaways, you get an estimated growth and no guarantees, that said most clients get a better ROI for their spend as the results normally exceed the guaranteed growth.  These giveaways are not available all the time and spots are very limited, based on the celebrity hosting it, they sometimes sell out within 48 hours.

Global Vs USA Followers 
Depending on what type of page you have and the reason you want the growth will determine where you want your followers based out of, USA or Global. 

The giveaway loop is an advertising promotion where we incentivize Instagram users to visit and follow your page over 5 business days once the giveaway begins. During the giveaway, you will see a massive spike of engagement, profile visits & most importantly followers. 

Once the giveaway is over, the spike of engagement and profile visits will decline. Don’t worry though, you will not lose all your followers, these are REAL people. Just note, there will be a number of users unfollow you as some only follow you so they can enter the giveaway.  Once it’s over, you will experience this slight drop off. You can expect 70% of your followers to stay.

At the end of the day, this is a team effort. Our job is to drive traffic to your page & increase your follower count & your job is to convert them into raving fans. The simplest way to increase your engagement is to change nothing new on your side and to consistently enter in our giveaway loops. For the best return on investment, we would suggest you do consistent giveaways whilst considering the below points.

The celebrity loop results will be different every time as it depends on the celebrity and the giveaway prize up for grabs. If you join our mailing list we can advise you of this as they become available.

Due to the fact we can’t predict organic campaign activity, but the average price per real follower on past campaigns that we’ve successfully completed can go as low as $0.05.

Social Clout Club provides estimates based on prior celebrity campaigns and Instagram data. Clients also have the ability to view the campaign host’s account & demographics to confidently make a decision to participate.

If you purchase one of our guaranteed growth packages those followers are 100% guaranteed.

The followers you will receive from our celebrity advertising campaigns come directly from the host’s audience. In order to enter a giveaway, real users must follow your page to enter, so this is how your following grows.  Below is a breakdown of each demographic we offer. 

With our global advertising campaigns, we work with celebrities and influencers from South America. The followers received from these campaigns are great value and real people, we do not use bots or fake accounts. Please note, not every page will meet the common expectation of what a real and active account is compared to accounts from our USA campaigns.

The USA campaigns tend to drive better looking follower accounts to your page depending on the campaign you are entered into. Typically these followers are less engaged to start with so we recommend you post consistent content and stories to grab their attention.

With our mixed advertising campaigns, you will receive a combination of both USA and Global followers when you purchase this package. These will occur as separate campaigns run sequentially.

For more information about the types of followers you will receive, click this link.

This authentic growth works within Instagram’s Community Guidelines. It is the simplest, safest, and most sustainable growth method via Instagram in 2020. Your account will not get banned, receive any sort of account compromise or action blocks.  As long as your following Instagram’s community guidelines our service is perfectly safe.

Nope! When you purchase a package, during our checkout process we will ask you for your Instagram username and after that, you’re all set!

The Co-Founders of Social Clout Club have over 25 years of combined experience as entrepreneurs in almost all sectors of the market. Individually they have dominated industries with one basic approach to business – provide massive value, act with integrity and exceed client expectations.

Degax, based out of New York, has owned and operated his own digital agency for over 4 years with more than 5,000+ happy clients. Degax also has his own booming jewelry brand Magari.

Dave, originally from Australia and now based in Bali, has owned more than half a dozen companies in many industries and has consulted to both small businesses and international brands to assist with sales, partnerships and negotiations.

We exist to provide our clients with the very best and safest growth for their Instagram page. We do this by securing advertising space in giveaway loops that expose engaged followers of premium Instagram pages to our client’s page. We source and secure reliable advertising space and take care of the management side of your growth.

Depending on the celebrity, the size of the giveaway and the number of spots available the cost will vary each time. Please click this link for further information about our current and upcoming giveaways.

These 5 items below are how giveaways are priced.

Item 1
Number of Instagram Followers for the Host.

Item 2
Cost of Prizes and Related Expenses.

Item 3
User Engagement Rates for the Giveaway Host.

Item 4
Number of Brands Participating in the Contest.

Item 5
Bonuses, Extras and Other Giveaway Goodies, and in some cases donations to a charity the celebrity supports.

Once you purchase your giveaway spot, you will immediately have access to your dedicated account manager via email. You can ask them questions and communicate directly with our account manager through email & phone.  We are also working on implementing a text message system.

Guranteed Growth:
Your growth will begin within 5 business days.  Sometimes your growth will start within 6 hours while sometimes 4 business days. Don’t worry though, this is GUARANTEED growth & we always deliver results.

Celebrity Giveaway:
Your growth will begin on the advertised date of the campaign. Your growth will continue for 5 business days until the traffic eventually dies out.

The guaranteed USA growth normally has a limit of 45 spots while the Global growth normally has a limit of 55 spots. Please note this may vary slightly.

For celebrity giveaway loops it normally has a limit of 45-55 spots. Please note this may vary slightly.

Giveaway spots are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. The guaranteed results giveaways run every week and as such if the spots are filled in one we can simply add you to another one. The celebrity giveaways are far more exclusive and we recommend you join our mailing list so you can be notified as soon as a new giveaway becomes available.

For our guranteed growth packages, most clients will be entered in the loop within 1-4 business days. If there is a variation to this you will be advised.

For our celebrity giveaway loops, your growth will begin on the assigned start date. Since there are only 45-55 spots available for our celebrity giveaways, we recommend purchasing in advance.

Absolutely, if you decide to buy additional time in for the current loop you have already entered and we have space available we can make this happen. You can contact us here or reach out to your dedicated account manager.

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