The Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

As many of you may have some questions about Social Clout Club and our services, we have compiled the top 10 most frequently asked questions with all their answers!

Will I receive bot followers?

You will not receive bot or inactive followers. We believe in Instagram organic growth, and that is what we will deliver. Not only will the followers be real and active, but they will also be targeted based on the demographic you’re looking to reach.

Will I get banned?

Absolutely not! Our celebrity campaign advertising strategy works within Instagram’s Community Guidelines. It is the simplest, safest, and most sustainable growth method via Instagram in 2021. Your account will not get banned, receive any sort of account compromise or action blocks.  As long as your following Instagram’s community guidelines our service is perfectly safe.

How does the service work?

Social Clout Club acts as the media buying agent for our clients where celebrities are hired to host a campaign similar to how television networks host a television series. Commercial slots are sold during the airtime and those commercials are then priced out based on the number of average viewers/traffic there are during that period. 

Social Clout Club campaigns are priced similarly to this method but are based on the average follower/engagement the campaign celebrity partner has, which will determine the traffic it will produce. This method has proven far more effective and affordable than the typical influencer marketing methods used today.

These campaigns are called Giveaway loops. You can read more about it here: How do you grow my Instagram Account?

When does my Instagram growth start?

Once you purchase your giveaway spot, you will immediately have access to your dedicated account manager via email. You can ask them questions and communicate directly with our account manager through email and phone.  We are also working on implementing a text message system.

Growth Campaigns: Your growth will begin within 10 business days.  Based on the demographic and package you purchase, we will place you in a celebrity campaign that fits the package criteria. Sometimes your growth will start within 6 hours while for others it can take up to 10 business days. 

Full Celebrity Gains: Your growth will begin on the advertised date of the campaign. Your growth will continue for 5 business days until the traffic eventually dies out.

Do you need my password?

No! Not only is this extremely unsafe it’s also highly frowned upon by Instagram. Our services are built around authentic engagement and growth and we will never ask for your password.

Is this service safe?

YES. We are proud to say that we’ve never had a client lose their account. We pride ourselves on our innovative techniques and industry-leading service quality. Through our mission to provide unparalleled organic growth, we also are proud to say that our service is compliant with the Terms and Conditions set forth by Instagram.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds for Social Clout Club. This is not some plug-and-play Instagram growth bot and this is not an automated system. We have a team of professionals and influencers who will be working on your account on a daily basis and in turn, they must be compensated. This is a non-negotiable and non-refundable hard cost. It is up to you, the consumer, to decide if Instagram loop giveaways are for your account or not. Please review our Refund Policy attached in the footer of this page prior to signing up.

Is this service month-to-month?

Our growth campaigns are billed month to month and you may cancel or pause them at any time throughout your membership. You will have access to a dashboard that will allow you to upgrade, downgrade and cancel your services at your convenience.

Can you target a specific audience?

Yes, but only to some extent – This is not like running Instagram ads. We will not be able to dial things into a specific state, street, or district. This is because we do not control who follows the influencer you’re partnered with, nor who will follow you based on the giveaway you’re placed in. It’s also important to note that we only partner with influencers from English Speaking countries. So, the vast majority of growth you receive from our service will be from countries like USA, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Etc…

Who is my campaign host?

The USA and South American growth campaigns are run through major influencer networks such as memes-, influencer-,and gaming pages. As you are aware, these growth campaigns are where we slot you into the next available campaign that comes up. We have many suppliers that we utilize to provide this service which means that our clients don’t need to wait to see the results and don’t need to worry about hitting the agreed gains. Because of the nature of this service, we can not micromanage the partial gains, guarantee who your host will be or which campaign you may or may not be slotted into. 

You will not know who your host is, but we do have a list of hosts with campaigns where we’ll be able to place you.

It is important to take note that in most cases the host will not tag you. Instead what we do is have the host start the giveaway with a post directing their followers to either your page or an alternative page that will follow you and this alternative page will have a post saying the giveaway is now live.  This is why you won’t see a mention notification as they promote the giveaway from a post and not by tagging all the accounts their followers must follow to enter the giveaway.

If you are just interested to see it working then this video will show you how it works.

Celebrity Campaigns

With celebrity campaigns, you get to choose which celebrity or influencer you want as a host. We have an entire list to choose from. It’s advised that you hurry though because there are only a certain amount of slots per campaign and they fill fast.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us via the blue chat button located on the bottom right of this page!


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