How Many Followers Will I Gain?

The amount of followers you gain depends on whether you choose a monthly growth package or a celebrity campaign.

Monthly Growth Campaigns

Monthly growth campaigns are monthly subscriptions where you will be placed in campaigns to hit the agreed growth. If a growth package’s range says 5-6K followers, for example, we will deliver the higher number during the growth, and the lower number is what you can expect to retain afterward. 

Each month after your subscription has renewed we will place you in a campaign within 10 business days, from here we will grow your audience (followers) until you hit the agreed number.

Celebrity Campaigns

Our celebrity campaigns come with your choice of host and growth size. All celebrity campaigns come with an estimated growth range and 99% of these campaigns come with a minimum growth guarantee. The few campaigns that do not have a guarantee are due to the deal that is struck with the host’s team (the celebrity running the campaign). The guarantee of minimum followers is set from our knowledge of what we believe the campaign will achieve at a minimum. If you are in a celebrity campaign and the guarantee is not hit then we will place you in a follow-up campaign at our cost. This way you can grow with confidence.

Due to the organic nature of this service, we can not predict the final growth number but the celebrity campaigns are a great way to quickly grow your audience with an understanding of what followers you will likely gain (based on the host’s demographics).

Please Note

We guarantee a set number of followers over all our growth packages and most of our celebrity campaigns (some celebrity campaigns do not have a minimum guarantee – this is noted within the product description). Although we guarantee to place your page in campaigns until you hit the guarantee, once this number is hit we will not guarantee any more growth or how many followers you will retain. On average our clients retain 60%-80% of the followers we drive to their page. Please factor this drop-off of followers into the total growth goal you seek.

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