How Do Celebrity Campaigns Work?

In this article, we will go over what celebrity campaigns are and how they can help you grow your brand on Instagram.

What Is A Celebrity Campaign?

A celebrity campaign is where our top celebrities and influencers will be posting a giveaway on their page with a cash or item prize, to enter, participants must follow your page.

How Does It Work?

Once you claim your spot, the celebrity or influencer (the giveaway host) will instruct their followers to follow your page.  The giveaway host runs a free competition where their followers must follow you to get a chance to win cash or prizes. 

Step One. We only work with celebrities and influencers with 1m+ followers that will support your growth goals. We then execute our giveaway campaigns.

Step Two. The chosen celebrity or influencer will publish a post on their account announcing a giveaway with prizes such as iPhone, clothing, cars, etc.

Step Three. In order for their followers to enter this giveaway, they will have to follow certain accounts. Your account will be on that list to follow.

Step Four. You’re all set! Sit back and watch your Instagram grow with active & targeted followers.


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