How Do You Grow My Instagram Account?

This is the the safest and quickest way to grow your followers.

For many of us, Instagram has long transcended being just a simple social media app where we share pictures of our lives. Now, millions are using Instagram as a platform to grow their personal or business brands. 

As many know, there are hundreds of suggested methods on how to grow your Instagram account. Although there is no wrong way (unless you’re actually buying followers), there are simpler ways. One of these ways is through Giveaway Loops.

What is a giveaway loop?

A giveaway loop is an Instagram influencer marketing strategy that is aimed at helping you grow your Instagram account in a short amount of time. The way it works is through famous influencers or celebrities hosting sponsored contests that offer a chance for their audience to win big prizes if they follow the accounts required to enter the giveaway. 

We can guarantee real and explosive growth because we partner with massive influencers with a huge reach. Through these giveaways, it sends large amounts of traffic directly to your account. We also employ a broader strategy around the giveaways to drive traffic to the influencer’s pages during the campaign. This ensures that we can build an enormous momentum which results in enormous and authentic growth.

How does a giveaway loop work?

Once you claim your spot, the celebrity or influencer (the giveaway host) will instruct their followers to follow a certain group of pages (including your page).  The giveaway host runs a free competition where their followers must follow you and all other accounts in the campaign to get a chance to win cash or prizes.  

  • Multiple businesses/influencers agree to participate in a loop giveaway where they’ll post the same photo on their feeds at a similar time.
  • Each business or influencer tags an account involved in the loop, and asks their audience to follow them to enter the giveaway and stand a chance to win. 
  • This loop continues until all the accounts involved in the loop are followed. 
  • After the giveaway period, a winner is randomly selected from the participants.

How does Social Clout Club utilize giveaway loops?

Social Clout Club acts as the media buying agent for our clients where celebrities are hired to host a campaign similar to how television networks host a television series. Commercial slots are sold during the airtime and those commercials are then priced out based on the number of average viewers/traffic there are during that period. 

Social Clout Club campaigns are priced similarly to this method but are based on the average follower/engagement the campaign celebrity partner has, which will determine the traffic it will produce. This method has proven far more effective and affordable than the typical influencer marketing methods used today.

Do these giveaway loops actually work?

After years of transforming multiple client’s Instagram accounts and receiving a 4.6 ranking on Trustpilot we can say with all authority that yes, this works. 

What makes these giveaway loops affordable?

We use a leverage model to make this opportunity affordable for our clients. As the sponsor of the giveaway, you will contribute to covering the cost of hiring the host and funding the prizes. The cost of this is divided between the sponsors which are typically 50-60 per campaign.

How do I join a giveaway loop?

Well, my friend, you came to the right place. Social Clout Club specializes in giveaway loops to help you explode your Instagram growth, reach, and engagement. 

You have two options:

  • Head over to our Packages and discover all the growth campaigns we have to offer.
  • Book a call with an account manager so that we can discuss exactly how we can make this work for you personally.

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