What Are The Main Differences Between Our Services?

We offer three different types of services, ensuring we got everyone covered.

Below is a breakdown of the different packages we have on offer. We find it is best to jump on a call with one of our account managers to discuss your goals and help you lock in the best strategy to grow your page.

Instagram Growth

This is perfect if you want consistent, sustainable, set-and-forget growth. If you are looking to quickly grow your online presence, while you focus on your business, this is the option for you. We help you build your social proof with the added benefit of stimulating Instagram’s algorithm and gaining instant traction. If this resonates, then this is the option for you. 

  1. South American: This is perfect if you are budget conscious. If you are looking to quickly grow your online presence and build your social proof with real followers who are engaged with your page, this is the option for you. We work with celebrities and influencers from South America. These followers, although not English speaking, do love to view and interact well with our clients. 
  2. USA: The USA campaigns have a majority USA following along with UK, Canada, and Australia. These are generally basic pages with real users who are here to consume your content. This doesn’t mean they necessarily create it themselves. Expect minimal pages but a great following.  The USA campaigns are run by major theme and meme pages that are based in the US. Due to the types of followers these pages have, you will usually see slightly more male followers from this service.

Celebrity Campaigns:

The followers you will receive from our celebrity advertising campaigns come directly from the host’s audience. This is a great option for clients looking to experience explosive growth or those that want to pick a specific host to suit a marketing campaign they have in mind. We suggest jumping on a call with an account manager to find the right host for you and your needs. 

Engagement & Insights

Our engagement campaigns consist of engagement groups which are groups of Instagram users that commit to constantly engaging with others’ content to increase impressions and engagement. The sole purpose of an engagement group is to ensure that everyone in the group is getting an increase of engagement on their posts. Unlike other engagement groups, we have a team that monitors your activity once a day on Instagram so when you make a post, they will immediately put a link into our engagement groups so your engagement can start. We offer two different kinds of engagement:

  1. Standard Engagement: On this engagement plans you have four levels of engagement that applies up to 30 posts per month. Within the plans they all offer real likes, post saves, video views for each post you produce throughout the month.
  2. Engagement Plus: The Engagement Plus has everything the Standard Engagement has but also comes with guaranteed post reach which is achieved by putting your Instagram post in front of more users to increase your reach.

If you have any more questions, please take a look at all our other posts that answer Frequently Asked Questions, or book a call with us.

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