When Does My Growth Start?

We’ll break down the exact steps after your purchase. Once you purchase your giveaway spot, you will immediately have access to your dedicated account manager via email. You can ask them questions and communicate directly with our account manager through email & phone.  We are also working on implementing a text message system. Monthly Growth […]

How Many Followers Will I Gain?

The amount of followers you gain depends on whether you choose a monthly growth package or a celebrity campaign. Monthly Growth Campaigns Monthly growth campaigns are monthly subscriptions where you will be placed in campaigns to hit the agreed growth. If a growth package’s range says 5-6K followers, for example, we will deliver the higher […]

Will A Growth Campaign Ruin My Brand?

Many people are afraid that these growth campaigns will flag their accounts and hurt their organic growth and engagement. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Growth Campaigns and Celebrity Campaigns actually assist the algorithm by sending traffic to your account through our campaigns.  Our advertising campaigns work within Instagram’s Community Guidelines. It is the […]

Will Huge Growth Look Suspicious?

The largest growth will occur in the first 1-2 days and the rest will come through over the remainder of the 7 day period. As an example, one of our founders recently tested out a giveaway and his account grew by 26,000 followers in 1 day and a total of 60,000 new followers by the […]

When Will My Celebrity Campaign Start?

All full campaigns have a listed start date on our website. For our celebrity giveaway campaigns, your growth will begin on the assigned start date. Sometimes the host runs late with starting the campaign or other times the start date can be pushed back. If this delay occurs we will let you know as soon […]

Why Are The Prices Different For Each Celebrity Campaign?

These 5 factors play a role in how our Celebrity Campaigns are priced. Depending on the celebrity, the size of the giveaway, and the number of spots available the cost will vary each time. These 5 factors contribute towards how a campaign is priced: The number of Instagram Followers for the Host. Cost of Prizes […]

How Many Spots Are Available In Each Celebrity Campaign?

With our celebrity campaigns, there are usually between 50-75 spots. With our larger celebrities, spots are sold out well before the campaign start date. If you are interested in checking out our upcoming campaigns, here is a link.

Why Do Some Celebrity Campaigns Have No Estimate Or Guarantee?

From time to time we have campaigns that we believe are a good opportunity for our clients however not all campaigns are able to have an estimate or guarantee. This can be due to the deal that was created with the host or a lack of insight into the potential of the host’s capability.  Clients […]

When Do Celebrity Campaign Spots Close?

Celebrity campaign spots are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Spots can sell out weeks prior to the start date so we suggest locking in a spot if you want to be promoted by a specific host. Unless sold out earlier, the campaign availability we show as sold out on the website two days before the […]

Can I Have A Free Trial?

No. Owing to the fact that we have established a reputable business providing these giveaways we are not in a position to offer a free trial as we have large numbers of people involved in ensuring the giveaways run smoothly. There are legal requirements that must be met, great quality prizes to entice people to […]