Can I Change Or Buy More Spots During A Celebrity Campaign?

Have multiple accounts or want to be in multiple campaigns? If you have purchased a celebrity advertising campaign and do not wish to proceed with your growth, please submit a ticket immediately. Typically there are no refunds but if we can cancel your purchase without cost we will always help you out. You are only […]

How Do Celebrity Campaigns Work?

In this article, we will go over what celebrity campaigns are and how they can help you grow your brand on Instagram. What Is A Celebrity Campaign? A celebrity campaign is where our top celebrities and influencers will be posting a giveaway on their page with a cash or item prize, to enter, participants must […]

Should I Do A Campaign If I Want Organic Growth?

Our campaigns stimulate the algorithm to help your account grow organically. Yes. Doing a campaign will actually assist the algorithm by sending traffic to your account. The more traffic and engagement you get, the higher your account ranks and the more people find your account organically. Our campaigns give you a headstart in the Instagram growth […]

Are The Followers Real?

We understand that explosive growth may sound scary or even make you suspicious which is why we’re sharing exactly how it works and how we can ensure all your followers are Real People. Social Clout Club acts as the media buying agent for our clients where celebrities are hired to host a campaign similar to […]