8 Tips To Get More Engagement

Getting your brand exposed to more followers is a great first step – here are 8 tips on how to turn those Instagram followers into actual money paying customers.  1) Give your followers access to exclusive content Exclusive content furthers your relationship with your followers, it builds rapport and it keeps them coming back over […]

How To Monetize Your Instagram Account

How’s this for some mind-blowing stats!? Instagram amasses an incredible 1 billion active users per month – it’s no wonder that so many people are after a piece of that pie. These users spend an average of 136 minutes on social media platforms every day. 7 out of 10 people rely on social media to […]

How To Not Lose Your Followers

How To Not Lose Followers Although there is no cut and dry method to keeping your loss of followers rate down, there are some preventative measures. Losing followers can be for numerous reasons— maybe you aren’t posting enough, maybe you are posting too much, or maybe your content is undesirable. Unless someone directly comes out […]