The desire to increase one’s Instagram following has increased in the last decade. No longer is it just about looking good online. Your following amount directly impacts your credibility, career and profitability. Through the years, Ameera realized that solely relying on organic growth just wasn’t cutting it. If she truly wanted to make her mark on the world as an artist, she had to start taking her social media marketing seriously.

How Social Clout Club helped her grow followers and engagement

Initially, Ameera talked to one of our account managers to discuss what her account needs were and what her goals were. From there it was decided what package would work best for her and what the next steps would look like going forward. Ameera wanted rapid growth and engagement, which SCC was able to help her with. A long-term growth strategy was also created to ensure she would keep on growing and receiving consistent engagement in the next 12 months.

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How Social Clout Club helped her grow followers and engagement

Initial Value

Social Proof

The first thing SCC provided Ameera was social proof. Having a large following gave her a certain level of credibility that will instruct the new viewers to her page to spend more time and take her more seriously. Social proof was accomplished by growing Ameera’s account first to 10K followers and then eventually to 50K followers. This gave her the exposure and credibility she needed to stand out and be taken seriously as an artist.

Secondary Value

Access to Instagram Tools

Access to Instagram features like the Swipe-Up feature is essential to engage and drive followers to one’s website etc. Once Ameera hit 10K followers she was able to access all of these business tools.

Third Value

Increase in engagement

Engagement goes hand in hand with growth. You can’t have the one without the other, otherwise it will begin to affect your credibility. Alongside growth campaigns, SSC enforced engagement campaigns as well to help increase Ameera’s engagement on all of her posts.

Fourth Value

Instagram Education

Social Clout Club educated Ameera on how to run her Instagram as a business and assisted her in creating a 12 month Instagram Marketing Strategy. This ensured that her growth and engagement would be sustainable and continue long term.

The results of working with Social Clout Club

Since using Social Clout Club’s marketing strategies and treating her account as a business, Ameera has just hit 50K followers on Instagram and gets consistent engagement on all of her posts!

Now that Ameera is a prominent voice in the music industry with a following to match it, opportunities have been following her everywhere she goes! Her business has been flourishing, she just received a major publishing deal, and she even started working with major industry professionals! She says that due to her large following, people are now noticing her and taking her seriously as an artist. A dream coming true for her.

In summary, Social Clout Club has helped Ameera by:

  • First growing her account to 10K so that she can gain access to business tools then continue growing it to 50K followers
  • Increased her Instagram engagement with SSC’s engagement campaigns
  • Helping her build Instagram credibility and gain social proof
  • Educating her on how to treat her Instagram Account as a business
  • Assisting her in creating a 12 month marketing strategy

Social Clout Club acts as the media buying agent for our clients where celebrities are hired to host a campaign similar to how television networks host a television series. Commercial slots are sold during the airtime and those commercials are then priced out based on the number of average viewers/traffic there are during that period.

Social Clout Club campaigns are priced similarly to this method but are based on the average follower/engagement the campaign celebrity partner has, which will determine the traffic it will produce. This method has proven far more effective and affordable than the typical influencer marketing methods used today.

These campaigns are called giveaway loops. A giveaway loop is an Instagram influencer marketing strategy that is aimed at helping you grow your Instagram account in a short amount of time. The way it works is through famous influencers or celebrities hosting sponsored contests that offer a chance for their audience to win big prizes if they follow the accounts required to enter the giveaway.

We can guarantee real and explosive growth because we partner with massive influencers with a huge reach. Through these giveaways, it sends large amounts of traffic directly to your account. We also employ a broader strategy around the giveaways to drive traffic to the influencer’s pages during the campaign. This ensures that we can build an enormous momentum which results in enormous growth.

Impossible. This is the #1 Instagram compliant growth service, given that login credentials are not required for this services. Additionally we redirect followers organically from a celebrity that suits your account best!


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