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Forget about sliding into the Dm’s. Now things are going down in the comment sections. On Instagram, the comment section, once a place of emoji responses has now become a world of its own where socialization is at the forefront: Flirting and friendships, thirst traps and shade, betrayal and criticism, sincere compliments, and deep connections. You can find it all. It’s clear to see it’s no longer going down in the Dm’s but in the comment section. The question is, are you there as well?

Why your comments matter

Think of each comment as a billboard pointing to your Instagram account. It’s a way for you to make a name for yourself in the comment section. Comments give you the opportunity to interact with other users, provide them with information about yourself, your account, your businesses, your services, or your products. It’s a place for you to build connections, form friendships and cultivate strong relationships with your followers. By commenting the Right Way you break the glass wall between yourself and your followers and prove to them that you are relatable and approachable. Not distant and unavailable. 

Social media is all about being social. Engaging is at the very core. That’s why the way you engage matters. Many think that simply commenting a couple of emojis or leaving vague comments will help them connect or increase their own engagement. This doesn’t work though, because it offers no opportunity to connect and says nothing about you or your account. A great comment connects while sharing information about yourself, your account, or your knowledge. Connection leads to curiosity which brings people to follow and engage with your page.

What makes a bad comment?

There are good comments and bad comments. Bad comments are comments that provide no information and no value. Bad comments are like dogs barking for no reason. They’re simply trying to gain attention. Comments that try to gain attention, get the exact opposite response. People ignore them. 

Bad comments sound like:
  • “Great Post!”
  • “I love this!”
  • “Nice “work!”
  • “🔥🔥🔥”
  • 😁😁😁
  • “This is so cool!”
  • “You should check out my account!”
  • “Follow me if you like x,y,z”
  • “Check out my…”
  • Any comment that is self-promo, spam or inappropriate

What makes a good comment?

A good comment is personal, cultivates connection, and adds value. It doesn’t have the goal to take but gives instead. A good comment is like the stranger you meet at the grocery store when you both reach for the same apple. They laugh. Give a lighthearted apology. Then share about how much they love apples and that this grocery store has the best apples they’ve ever tasted. They only come here to get apples. Then you share something about your own life or love for apples. Thus, the connection is formed.

When writing a comment, try doing this instead:
  • Make personalized comments. (If they have an interesting caption, comment on that and share how you can relate to it.) Eg. If someone posts a pic of them and their dog say…”I love your dog! I have one as well that absolutely loves running into the ocean whenever we go to the beach here in San Diego.”
  • Aim for quality comments, not quantity.
  • Read the captions before commenting.
  • Try sharing personal stories/experiences in the comments.
  • Only engage with things you like or are interested in.
  • Make sure your comment stands out.
Here are some examples of comments you can try:
  1. Well, now I know what I’ll be doing on the 12th of November! 😉 So excited to see this! Brings together my love for art and action perfectly!
  2. I’m also a conman! People think I’m a really great dancer when in reality I’m not.😂
  3. Well, it’s time to renew my Netflix subscription to watch you in action! Maybe this entrepreneur needs a bit of a break every now and then.😉
  4. Seeing those art pieces reminds me of this incredible art museum I often go to called the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art. Can’t wait for things to open up so I can go again!
  5. I absolutely loved you in your last movie! (Explain why you loved it and how it impacted you/how you can relate to it).

Look at the comments above on The Rock’s post. Each comment offers some kind of information about the person writing it. Other’s are bound to see it, like it, respond to it and go to your account to discover more about you simply based on your comment and the info or value you provide.

In Conclusion

Not every comment is a great comment and not every comment could lead to more traffic to your account. It takes thoughtfulness and intentionality. Take the time to read the caption, look at the picture and comment something that would represent you in the best possible light. Your brand will thank you for it. 

P.S Take a look at how to write powerful captions that encourage engagement HERE

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