What makes a good Instagram Bio?

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Your Instagram Bio is free real estate. This little space carries the power to tell someone why they should or should not follow you. Why they should or should not purchase your products or services. These few words truly hold the power to either grow your account or leave it stagnant. Either increase your profitability or impact your sales.

Scary right?

It doesn’t have to be. Today I’m going to help you by giving you the right formula to create an Instagram Bio that draws people in and converts them to loyal followers.

1. Explain what you do in one line. 

People follow other accounts based on the motivation of “What can I get out of this?” When they come across an account, the first thing they do is read the bio to see

  • What’s the purpose of this account?
  • What does this account post about?
  • What do I gain from following this account?

Your Bio needs to answer all these questions as clearly and directly as possible. Leave the long, windy sentences for your captions. In your bio, it needs to be short and simple.

2. Explain how you can help them in one line

People follow accounts for various reasons. Some want to be inspired. Others want to learn something new. At the core everyone has the same goal: They want value. People want to know that in following you, they will get something out of it. 

For example, as a travel account, @travellingfeet communicates that she teaches people how to take the best travel photos in the most beautiful destinations. Her audience would consist of people who want to learn photography, discover the best travel locations, and people who simply enjoy beautiful travel photos. By adding this to her bio, she directly communicates what one can expect by following here.

3. Add your Call to Action

Every Bio needs a call to action. Your call to action guides your followers off of your Instagram Page and to your website or store or Spotify playlist etc. This is the key to turning followers into loyal fans.

Instagram Bio Examples

Struggling to communicate what you do and how you can help in one sentence? Don’t worry! I’ve created a list of Bio Examples for you to use so that your audience will know exactly what they can expect from your account.

  • Making songs you can vibe to at your next house party
  • Mental Health quotes to support you on your journey
  • Gaming strategies so you don’t have to get stuck anymore
  • Beautiful destinations to inspire your next trip
  • Home decor ideas for the creative homeowner
  • Memes to make you laugh until you ugly cry
  • Teaching you how to create your very first online course
  • Teaching you how to create loops
  • Sharing tips and hacks about the music industry
  • Giving you life advice that actually works

In Conclusion

Posting your age and star sign is great and if that’s what you feel like doing, keep doing it. If you want to instead use your Instagram Bio as a form of free marketing, stating what you do, how you can help and a strong CTA would work best. 

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