How to increase your Instagram credibility

Credibility determines whether someone will follow you, try your product, buy your service or become a loyal customer. Before people hit that FOLLOW or BUY button, they want to know that you are real, you know what you’re talking about, and you can be trusted. 

In this article I’m going to show you how to build credibility on your account by revamping your profile, transforming your content, and showing up as the real you. This will help you grow more organically, build a loyal following and increase your sales.

Revamp your account

1) Profile Pic

Your profile picture needs to be clear, visible, and on-brand. It should clearly show either your face or your brand’s logo. Your profile pic is someone’s first introduction to who you are. Let this stand out. Profile pictures that have proven to do well are one’s with solid backgrounds.

2) Instagram Username

Make your Instagram Username clear and recognizable. Use your name, business name, or your name alongside what you do (Like @Marketingharry for example). This allows people to easily search you up and also recommend you.

3) Name + Industry Bio

Add your first name (or business name) in your bio as well as a keyword that indicates what industry you’re dominating. By adding a keyword, you’re utilizing the algorithm. When people search for the specific keyword in the search bar, your account will pop up in the recommended list.

4) Bio

Your bio needs to indicate exactly what the goal and purpose of your account are. Your bio can be split up into 3 sections:

  • What you do
  • What you can offer/ How you can help
  • A Call to Action
5) Bio Link

This one is important. If you want to turn your followers into paying customers you need a way to take them off of Instagram and where you want them to go. This is done by adding a link to your website, shop, Spotify, Youtube, etc.

6) Followers

Look at the above accounts. They all have more than 80K followers. This amount instantly stirs up a feeling of trust and credibility. Thousands of people are following them for the value they add through their content. Thousands will keep on following them because they see others are following them.

Social Clout Club helps you gain this credibility by sending large amounts of traffic to your Instagram Account through marketing campaigns. This helps you boost your reach, increase your engagement and skyrocket your follower count so that your brand can stand out and build credibility. 




Transform Your Content

1) Create different types of content

You have so many options to choose from. There are normal posts, videos, Insta Stories, Lives, Reels, Guides, Shopping tags, and Swipe up feature. Don’t just zone in on the one and forget the others. People consume content in various ways. 

Read here on how to create the perfect Instagram Caption for your posts

2) Be on brand

Post what you’re passionate about and what is true to you or your business. This is what people connect with and why they follow you. If you continuously post things that are about you and true to you, those who can relate and connect with that will follow you and they’ll turn into your loyal followers

3) Post quality content

Traffic brings people to your account. Quality content is what makes them stay. Give value with the things you post. Tell stories. Inspire. Bring happiness. Educate. Share parts of your life or business. Share behind the scenes of the industry. People are in a sense selfish creatures and at the end of the day when they follow you they want to know, “What am I getting out of this?”

4) Be consistent

Don’t post 5 times a day and then suddenly disappear for a month. This breaks trust with your audience. Create a consistent posting schedule. This could be once a day or once a week Whichever you choose, make consistency a priority.

Show up as the real you

1) Be authentic

This is probably one of the fundamental keys to building trust and growing organically. Don’t try to pretend to be something you’re not. Don’t lie to your audience and create a life that isn’t real. Once you break their trust, you won’t regain it and you’ll for sure lose them as a follower.

2) Show who you are

Not everyone is super confident or comfortable in front of the camera. Something to remember though is that people connect with people. Even if you don’t want to show your face all the time, leave traces of yourself all over your account. Whether it’s parts of your lifestyle, things you like, using your daily slang in your captions – people connect with who you are as a person.

3) Engage with your following

Engagement is how you retain your followers as well as sustain your organic growth. Like other people’s posts. Follow people back. Leave meaningful comments on their posts. Share posts. Reply to comments. This is how you build connections with your community. 

Read here about how to write comments that create great connections

In Conclusion

Having a huge following is great. We all want a big following (Good thing Social Clout Club can help you with that!) But you also need other variables to sustain that growth to keep it going. By building a credible Instagram account you will be sure to gain more followers with time and keep them in the long run.

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