The difference between cheap & expensive celebrity giveaways

5 Reasons To Shop Giveaway Loops Based On Quality, Not Price


1) Drop off

It is common for people to experience a large drop off rate increase at the end of a Giveaway Loop. We have heard horror stories where users have lost more than 50% of their followers in the first few days after the Giveaway completion. Working with a reputable Giveaway company ensures you are receiving quality followers who will be less likely to drop off. 

Some dropoff is expected as it’s normal that some followers only visit your page in an attempt to win the prize. No matter how good your content is, there is no guarantee that you will indefinitely keep all the new followers. Bearing this in mind, the normal expected loss of followers is between 10-25% of the growth. 

2) Fake followers: You Get What You Pay For

This industry is no different from any other. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. For some, the excitement of the opportunity to gain 5k-10k followers for only $100 can cloud your judgment. 

The worst part of fake followers isn’t just the massive dropoff you will experience when Instagram flushes the system, it is the ruined rating your page will receive from Instagram. Your trust score will plummet and you will have to work 10x harder to gain it back.

3) Overpromise And Never Deliver: Buyer Beware

This goes hand in hand with the point above. Far too many times we have witnessed Giveaway operators simply give an estimate on potential results without a guarantee and sometimes the results are 25% below where they said they would be. When using a reputable company this should not happen in the first place and if on the uncommon chance it does, the client will be entered into another giveaway until the agreed number is reached.

We recently tracked a competitor’s giveaway results where they were expecting up to 20k followers with a guarantee of 5k. Unfortunately, the client only reached a total of 900 followers! After this, they were put in follow-up loops but 3 weeks later they were nowhere near 5k, let alone the expected 20k. Unfortunately, this is a common outcome when dealing with amateur operators within this industry.

4) Service And Communication

Operating a business within a new growth sector of a constantly changing market is challenging. Trying to predict the number of potential followers in a rapidly moving arena, where they are being reeled in by incentives is a gamble. That being said, a business who has been doing this for a while and in the right way, should know some realistic, safe numbers for you to expect. 

Throughout the campaign, you will experience a myriad of emotions as you will see fast and slow growth on your account. If you sign up to experience a loop with Social Clout Club, we will assist you with helpful tools and knowledge as you undergo the process. If for any reason you have any questions or concerns, we are always available to chat. There are no silly questions and we want you to be fully informed of what’s involved and what to expect in the process.  

5) Guarantees

Guarantees are a funny thing in this industry. Some competitors use guarantees as a sales tool to get you to sign up, whereas some of the others base their entire marketing scheme on how there is no guarantee in numbers but there is a guarantee in growth. There are problems with both these claims and we understand how hard it may be to know which service to trust.

Our guaranteed growth packages are designed to run inside continual loops, meaning there are giveaway loops running back to back. This gives you the choice for your end result of guaranteed growth to be any number you desire. 

When it comes to our A-list celebrity giveaways, we offer estimated growth as there are so many intangible factors at play and they are extremely hard to predict, although results are often incredible. 

The beauty of the estimated growth is that we aim to please. If we estimate a 50k growth and you only obtain 10k, we will still be there to support you along the way. Any time the celebrity giveaway has missed its mark, we will ensure we have done our best to help you hit as close to the estimate as possible, even if that means placing you in a guaranteed growth package for FREE.

So why would you do a celebrity giveaway? More times than not you will far exceed the estimated growth, which means the cost per follower dramatically decreases and ultimately you get a great deal.

Where To From Here?

A big thing to watch out for in this emerging space is the well-intentioned noob. They don’t mean you any harm and might be super genuine individuals but if they haven’t been running giveaways for years, or been in a partnership with someone that has, then you are most certainly going to be collateral damage of their ignorance.

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