A Breakdown To Giveaway Loops

From The Founder

As the founder of Social Clout Club I understand how important it is to feel as though you can trust me and my company. Rest assured, I want to be 100% transparent. Other companies won’t tell you how they conduct their giveaways, but to us it’s no secret worth keeping.A Giveaway Loop might sound like easy work, but without quality, you will not attract quantity. Similar to that of, for example, a skincare brand. If you have not heard of it, their social media is a ghost town, and their website has no positive reviews, are you going to try it? We would hope not. Without credibility, even the greatest product in the world will sit on a shelf collecting dust. 

Our process is no different than the average giveaway loop but what makes our company unique is our proven track record. With our mega influencers, celebrity friends, and their REAL, engaging audience, we can confidently say we are the best Instagram Growth Service within the industry.

How It Works

The first step would be to offer a product or a service so enticing, one cannot resist. Our second step would be to make sure to pick the right celebrity or influencer— those with a large, engaged following. The third step would be to make sure one of the giveaway rules is to follow a set of accounts. 

A giveaway worth having is a giveaway worth giving. If you aren’t giving a product or service that, to a potential enteree, is that ‘I’ve got to have it’ product, then why? The best examples of giveaway prizes that we’ve done have been designer bags, high priced gift cards, and more. 

Picking the right celebrity or influencer is not just about looks— it is also about content and their following. We choose those who have a REAL, engaged audience that interacts with their consistent posting.

Accounts who hold thousands of followers with little posting, or with consistent posting and little to no likes to match, there is obviously something now right there. Although we can not guarantee a specific amount of followers or likes, we can guarantee that ALL likes that are driven to your profile are real. 

Why You Should Invest 

Spending hours googling tips and tricks to get your social media to skyrocket over night is a waste of time. Point blank. I said I was going to be 100% transparent, so that’s what I’m doing. We can only do half of the work, but the other half is up to you.

We can’t give you a hack to being the best Instagram poster, because there is none, but can tell you that there is a better method out there than what you are doing now. Whether you write ridiculously long captions, or short witty ones, your followers will only stick around if they like the content you are posting.

As long as you are contributing to your own brand, and your account does not go against Instagram’s Community Guidelines, you should have no challenge with our service.

The demand is high and the time we have is limited. Our slots are numbered, so consider investing in your brand today. I was hesitant to offer my service publicly because the workload to coordinate is overwhelming, but after dozens of experiments all resulting in success, we’ve decided to just go for it and not hold back. 

If you are unsure of what exactly a ‘Giveaway Loop’ entails, visit this link.

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