Social Clout Club packages: What to expect

Social Clout Club Packages

Having been in this industry for years now, one of the most common questions I get is, “What should I expect after purchasing one of the Social Clout Clubs packages? Communicating expectations and meeting them is something I take pride in which is why in this article I will be making sure you know exactly what to expect after you’ve made your purchase.

Growth Packages (USA and South American)

This is perfect if you want consistent, sustainable, set-and-forget growth. If you are looking to quickly grow your online presence, while you focus on your business, this is the option for you. We help you build your social proof with the added benefit of stimulating Instagram’s algorithm and gaining instant traction. If this resonates, then this is the option for you. 

1) How long before it will start?

Depending on availability your growth will begin within 5-10 business days.

2) What type of followers will I get?

USA and South American are our typical type of Instagram followers. They have minimalist pages, generally low followings themselves, and are here largely to consume content. While the USA package has predominantly English-speaking followers, South American has predominantly Spanish – speaking followers.

3) What sort of retention can I expect?

On average our clients retain 60%+ of the follower traffic gained through the campaign. This number is a variable and is dependent on many factors including the size of the campaign and your specific content.

Celebrity Campaigns

Our celebrity campaigns are a premium option that allows you to target specific demographics. Although we cannot guarantee where the followers come from as they are real people, we know what you can expect. 

1) How long before it will start?

Your growth will begin on the advertised date of the campaign. Your growth will continue for 2 -7 business days (on average)with the biggest growth occurring within the first 1-2 days of when the campaign starts.

2) What type of followers will I get?

Followers for these campaigns tend to reflect the demographics of the host. It is important to understand that you will receive a variety of followers that are currently following the host, and that the demographics will not be the same as the host. 

3) What sort of retention can I expect?

The retention of followers grown from celebrity campaigns is different with each giveaway and is highly dependent on how closely your brand resonates with the host’s demographics.

Engagement Campaigns

Engagement Campaigns are optimal for when you have a strong following but lack credibility. Our engagement groups will give you the love your content deserves.

1) How long does it take for engagement to come to each post?

Our team will check your page for new posts once a day and then share your content to our engagement group. From here you will receive the full engagement within 3 days of posting.

In Conclusion

The USA and South American Growth Packages are perfect for you if you want  “set-it-and-forget-it” growth.” Our celebrity campaigns are more targeted campaigns with the option to gain a more specific demographic. And lastly, our engagement campaigns consist of engagement groups that will boost your engagement to give you the credibility you want. Each one is different and each one can serve you depending on what your goals are.

Since we know your specific Instagram growth needs may look different from someone else’s, we suggest jumping on a call with an account manager to find the right option for you and your needs!

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