Giveaway Loops For Dummies

When this ‘loop’ strategy came about a few years back we were heavily hesitant on if the strategy would work. Although we have seen the proven results benefit others, we were questioning if it would have the same effect if we tried it out for ourselves.

So what the heck is a giveaway celebrity loop?

An Instagram Giveaway Loop, to put it simply, is when you take a celebrity or a mega-influencer and you make them the face of a giveaway. In their caption, like most giveaways, there will need to be a set of rules. One of the rules must be to follow several other accounts, either the accounts they are following or accounts a different page is following. Sounds easy, right?

Well, it’s not, and that’s where we come in. We compared this strategy to all of the many other tactics used to gain followers. In comparison, there is no other way that can possibly match how quick the results are. Not only is it quick, but the engagement is with REAL, engaged users.

After so many success stories, we had to see it first hand. We researched and the overall structure seemed genius. How could it not work? We had the tools, the connections, and the perfect influencers for the job. It seemed impossible to fail.

We tried several different methods with the same base structure and we have finally found the best method that works for us, and brands like yourself. After you experience one of our Giveaway Loops you will be so impressed at the turnaround. Thousands of AUTHENTIC fans, comments, and likes within 12-48 hours, once it giveaway starts that is. That’s unheard of in this industry!

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