5 Instagram loop giveaway myths debunked


When you’re new to loop giveaways, you may be swamped with various opinions from all sides. You may be wondering, “What is true? What is false? What should I listen to? What should I ignore?”

I get that. With an overflow of information out there, it may be challenging to know what is the truth and what isn’t. I’m here to shed light on 5 myths that have been circulating around giveaway myths and present you with the truth instead. After this, you’ll be able to do loop giveaways without the constant fear of whether you’re wasting your precious time and money, and instead, do it confidently knowing you made the right choice.

Myth #1: I will retain all my followers

A common myth I hear is that people believe they will retain all the followers they gained after a loop giveaway. Something you need to be aware of is that the followers are incentivized to follow your page through the use of campaigns and loop giveaways. For them to enter these giveaways, they need to follow certain accounts – including yours. There is a natural drop-off that’s approximately between 10-25% of the new growth after the campaign. But on average our clients retain 60%+ of the follower traffic gained through the campaign. This number is a variable and is dependent on many factors including the size of the campaign and your specific content. 

Myth #2: My engagement should stay high after the loop has finished

A loop giveaway is an advertising campaign where the host drives traffic to your page and you gain new followers as part of the condition of entry into the competition. This engagement will be considerably higher in regards to the A-list celebrity campaigns, as most new followers will have a natural curiosity to stick back into the celebrity’s life. Good quality content is what will continue to keep your engagement high after the completion of the giveaway. The key thing to remember here is that giveaway loops are a form of advertising. Loop giveaways drive traffic to your page. Your content makes them stay.

Myth #3: There is no way the followers are real. The gain is too quick to believe.

Some accounts will see progressive growth, of close to 10k per day, depending on the selected loop giveaway. The reasons for this are varied including how well the giveaway is put together, who the host is and what prizes are on offer. Those who rely solely on loop giveaways as the only source of growth for their page are destined for poor outcomes. The advertising campaign (loop giveaway) should be viewed as a huge opportunity to capitalise on the massive traffic your page will encounter. Nothing can replace the quality of your content, your relevancy, or consistency. However, what the loop giveaway can do is offer you a chance to capture a huge amount of new, engaged followers.

If your aim is to keep the new followers and have them engaged, you need to be prepared. Have something new and exciting ready to go as soon as your giveaway is complete. This helps you to stand out amongst others and continue to engage with your new audience.

Myth #4 : Everyone who finds my account will like my content

Not everyone who comes to your page will like what you post. Not everyone who comes to your page will stay. This is a basic fact of life. What you do need to do is give them a reason to stay. You do this by identifying your niche and target audience and create content for them specifically. 

You can get reposted. Your posts can get shared on other people’s stories. You can get huge traffic. But the ones that will end up following you and staying are your target audience. From any loop giveaways’ large audience, the number of people that will stick around are the ones that already fit into your pre-existing niche and target audience.

Myth #5: What I post doesn’t matter. I just need traffic

What you post and the quality of the content you post is essential to your Instagram growth and the sustainability of your growth. You need to post consistent high-quality content. You need to engage with your audience. Instagram growth isn’t just a one-hit-wonder thing. 

In Conclusion

Instagram loop giveaways are not miracle workers. But they do provide a massive opportunity for you to gain massive reach, impressions, and engagement. They also help you gain a ton of followers. Yes, it makes life much easier for you in terms of Instagram growth. But something you need to remember is that it takes two to tango. Use loop giveaways to grow your following and create valuable content to keep them long-term.

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